Barrelproof Boutique

Barrelproof, the world’s smallest cocktail boutique. Though, they are giants in cocktail knowledge and expertise. Their collection of products is of great quality. Different gin’s, rum’s, tequila, some vodka and whiskey. You will find everything you need for your cocktail (party). Also beautiful glasses, nice juices and syrups. All with high quality.  Not having a party, but being a collector or just having an interest in the world of cocktails? Then Barrelproof is the place to be.

When entering the boutique you definitely will be pulled into the cocktail world. I always get the feeling like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin are about to come in, singing “ New York”, “New York”. It’s because of the vintage furniture and styling. A big vintage pharmacist storage pantry showing some beautiful bottles and glasses. A vintage counter and twilight lamps spreading soft light into the boutique. I also love their collection of cocktail glasses with this luxurious vintage feel.

Barrelproof Boutique

And then I haven’t mentioned the cocktail mix masters yet. They can tell you all about the world of liquors, juices and mixes. With their knowledge these mix masters travel around the world to teach, brainstorm and inspire. From bartenders, to cocktail lovers and huge liquor brands. You are sure to leave the world’s smallest cocktail boutique with some professional advice.

So if you’re in need for some cocktail inspiration for your Christmas party, visit Barrelproof Boutique. Your guests will be pleased. For sure.

Opening hours: Tue – Fri 10.00 – 18.00, Sat 12.00 – 17.00,  Sun – Mon: closed


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