Fenix Food Factory

Be not mistaken by the name, Fenix Food Factory. This is not a true factory. This is a culinary experience in Rotterdam where you can buy products, learn how these products are produced and experience the product craftsmanship.

The Fenix Food Factory is like a mini market situated in a former engine house at the Maas.  A wide range of products are there for you to discover. For example the Cider pints from Holland’s first Cider House, CiderCider. Or the tasteful bread from Jordy’s Bakery, which is not your ordinary bread from the supermarket. Special attention, patience, craftsmanship makes this bread understand you the difference between bread quality. It tastes so good.

Feel like having a beer from the Kaapse Brouwers. The youngest brewery in town. They bring the craftbeer revolution to Rotterdam. For you to experience one of their delicious tasted. You can choose between 20 variations.

And on top of that other young entrepreneurs are being supported by offering them space to let people meet them and their products. With every product there is a story which you’ll remember and makes eating an experience again.


Kaapse Brouwers

Kaapse Brouwers

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