IFFR 2015 PART 2

IFFR 2015 part 2

Following my previous post this is IFFR 2015 part 2. After giving you a nice selection of movies to watch, I thought I might give you some ideas about where to dance and enjoy a drink.

But first, the most important rule during the IFFR. Is there a rule? Yes there is. Save your movie ticket. Do not, under any circumstances, throw away your IFFR movie ticket. If you did, ask your cinema neighbor or people leaving the cinema that day for their tickets. As you might know the IFFR throws some splendid party’s. To get into the party at the Schouwburg you need your movie ticket of that day.


22. Jan. The start of IFFR 2015: DANCE, DANCE, DANCE.

Everyday there is music to dance to. Great Rotterdam DJ’s like, Jeff Solo, Boris Ross and Mr Niceguy will be behind the decks. My favorite days are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, during the IFFR. Cause of the line up and the more halls of music at the Schouwburg. Your movie ticket of the day is your entrance ticket. 

IFFR Dance Dance Dance

23 Jan. – 31 Jan. ONTBIJTBAR X O’NITEBAR X IFFR 2015

The breakfast bar in town will transform into a nightclub during the IFFR 2015.  Next to having a great breakfast every morning, you will be able to dance, drink and eat at night at this place. This nice event will start on Friday the 23th. Good music, food and tasty cocktails assured. The DJ starts at 8pm to 0.30am. Nice to know: this place is really close to the centre of the IFFR.

Address: Kruisplein 151

Ontbijtbar Onitebar

29 jan. – 1 feb. LOSGELD IFFR WEEKEND

Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Rock and much more, all together in one weekend. From Friday the 29th of January till Sunday the 1st of February you will be assured of some nice weirdness and lots of fun at this party in Rotown. It starts at 11pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Your movie ticket of the day is your free entrance. Otherwise it’s just 2.50 euro. Well that’s nothing right. 

Address: Nieuwe Binnenweg 19



IFFR 2015 closing party at the Doelen. Like every year this closing party is also one of the main events. Instead of the everyday events, you need to buy a separate ticket for this one. It’s only 15 euro’s. And do you like to visit a movie before? Make sure you use the closing movie & party combination ticket. Buy tickets

I hope you have lots of fun. Enjoy! I’m sure I will. 


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