Kopi Soesoe in 010

In the upcoming neighbourhood Katendrecht great new initiatives pop up. One of these is Kopi Soesoe. A nice little cafe located at the Deliplein. Kopi Soesoe means coffee with milk in Indonesia. And it is is a sweet nickname for someone with Indonesian roots. Well, a mixture it is at Kopi Soesoe. From their menu to their interior and the people visiting this great place. Young people, neighbours, families. You really feel welcomed by the owners with their hospitality. On the menu you’ll find delicous cakes (homemade, really you should trye it) and sandwiches served with special tea or coffee. And if you’re into discovering a special beer, you are also in the right place.

You can enjoy this all with some nice live music as Kopi Soesoe offers evenings with chamber music concerts and pub quizes. Their interior suits the eclecting styling on any pinboard, a mixture of something old and something new. Luckily the owners are starting a webshop where we can buy their delicious tea and home made coffee, but also the nice vintage treasures. Though to enjoy the feel of Kopi Soesoe a visit can’t be missed.  A great spot to sit down and digest the beauty of Rotterdam.

Kopi Soesoe, Sumatraweg 15, 3072 ZR Rotterdam


Kopi Soesoe, Rotterdam

Kopi Soesoe inside, Rotterdam



  1. Chris
    13/01/2015 at 2:22 PM (4 years ago)

    Dit is zeker een aanrader! Wat een leuk tentje op ongetwijfeld een van de leukste plekjes in Rotterdam. Probeer de Kopi Soesi (koffie die met niets te vergelijken is) en een homemade taart. Dank voor de tip!


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