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At Memory Lane I had a nice coffee date today. A cosy place at the Hoogstraat to have coffee, lunch or dinner. When entering the place you immediately are welcomed by the owner, Joranne and the great smell of freshly baked bread. All dishes are freshly baked and cooked. It’s just like you’re sitting in an open – kitchen. Which makes it kind of feeling at home.

Later on, during our second round of coffee, Joranne told us that she and her boyfriend Bas started this place because they both couldn’t find a job. They’ve moved 2, 5 years ago to Rotterdam as they were attracted to 010 and hoping to find some nice jobs here. Well actually I’m glad they didn’t find a job, otherwise we wouldn’t have such a nice restaurant.

In addition to the great food, the interior is cosy with fresh flowers, the simple furniture and of course the open – kitchen.  Memory Lane is a great spot to sit down, relax and enjoy the nice atmosphere. And on top of that you will meet some nice locals. Cause Memory Lane is famous among the locals.

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